Industry Experience

Proven industry experience – Ascern Advisers use their proven industry experience in businesses ranging from small to $200m. We have worked in the industries below, managing finance teams and advising managers and owners.

Wholesale / Distribution industry

Wholesale / Distribution

Whether your supply chain is in Australia or overseas, you’re managing incoming and outgoing goods, with warehousing and drop-shipments. Your focus should be on managing your working capital effectively – maximising your cash conversion cycle by reducing debtor and inventory days, and having appropriate finance facilities in place for debtors and creditors.

Import / Export industry

Import / Export

When importing and exporting you’re also making your investment in working capital efficient as well as managing cross-border issues related to goods shipments. You mitigate risk and unexpected costs by using good freight forwarders who will get your products to destination by balancing time and cost. You price in regulatory compliance such as customs duties and local Sales Tax (GST/VAT). Depending on your size you may have opened local branches or subsidiaries. Either way you’re managing international transfers and currency fluctuations.

Manufacturing industry


Manufacturing means managing your resources efficiently and effectively. You’ve secured your supply chain with agreed pricing and quality. Bills of Materials and production labour management are in place, and your system is tracking product wastage and labour utilisation. In a larger, integrated organisation you’re also interfacing your processes with Sales (to drive production planning), Logistics, Procurement, Product Development, and more.

Education / Training industry

Education / Training

Where other businesses sell boxes (with products in them!), you sell time. This could be face to face time or online courses. You might be a fee for service training provider, and/or access state and/or federal government funding. You’re managing front end marketing and enrolments, staffing, training and/or teaching compliance, investments in property, equipment, building fitouts, fleet, and more. Your business is affected by both state, national, and international decisions and events, so you’re basing growth and investment decisions on medium to long-range forecasts.

Workforce Services industry

Workforce Services

Your business focuses on providing staff to other businesses. You might be a Labour Hire, Group Training, NDIS or other business supplying trade-qualified staff, semi- or unskilled labour, or professionals. Whether focussing on a broad range of industries or one specific niche, your customers expect quick responses to their requests for staff. You need to price your hourly rates properly to both be competitive and cover statutory costs. Ensuring the on-hired workers are paid properly and on-time is a number one priority closely followed by billing correctly. Utilising appropriate financing facilities such as debtor financing helps smooth cashflow from staff payday to customer remittance.

Not For Profit industry

Not for Profit

Regardless of what services you provide as a Not-For-Profit business, you realise that to be sustainable, “Not-For-Profit” does not mean “No-Profit”. You might be funded partially or fully through local, state, or federal government contracts. You fall under ACNC reporting compliance and depending on your size will need to be externally audited. While your governance structure is different to a private or public company, you operate the same as other businesses.

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