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Welcome to “News by Ascern” – I like to find and share news that might be topical and useful for you and your business. Because my interests are broad, our news could be about anything – the economy, government, training, staffing, software, even the weather if it’s interesting and potentially relevant for you as well! If you find something interesting here feel free to contact us to discuss further.

  • Supply Chain Finance for SME’s: Lessons from Greensill
    Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a useful way to fund SME’s. In this article we’ll explain what it is and why it’s useful. We’ll also analyse the recent collapse of one of the world’s most popular SCF providers, Greensill and finally take a stab at predicting what SCF will look like in the future. What […]
  • The CFO’s Guide to Budgeting
    It’s the CFO’s favourite time of year – budget time. The time when you build the most important tool for managing your business for the coming 12 months. Your budget shows the financial results you want to achieve, but more than that – it is your means to motivate, coordinate, and ultimately succeed. In this […]
  • The CFO’s Guide to SME Funding
    The CFO’s Guide to SME Funding: Maybe you’ve started your business and are gearing up to supply some big new customer contracts. Maybe you’ve recently bought a business. One of the best challenges to have in business is determining the best way to fund growth. Most SME businesses don’t have enough earnings or external investment […]
  • The CFO’s Guide to Buying a Small Business
    Australia, the Small Business Nation Australia really is the Small Business Nation. Almost half of the country’s workforce are employed in small businesses (those with less than 20 employees) and they contribute 35% of Australia’s GDP. They are also literally everywhere – 98% of all businesses have less than 20 employees! So if you’re looking […]
  • Weathering the 2020 storm – 3 tips to build resilience
    2020 has had the biggest changes most of us have experienced in our working lives. You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time making sure your business is resilient enough to weather the storm, but you can only do this properly if you are resilient yourself! What does that actually mean though? How can you […]
  • Excuse Busters: Too busy for strategy
    We are all often too busy for strategy – and we all use the same excuses! In this article I’m going to bust the 3 most common excuses we use to avoid working on our business strategy. “I don’t have time for that“ We all have tasks that compete for our attention but you can’t […]
  • Protect your business equity
    Equity is a primary indicator of your business’s financial stability. If it is strong you can have more confidence in your financial capacity to navigate the ups and downs of business life. It represents the value that has been built up in the business through investment and profitable operations – so you need to protect […]
  • Be the King of Cash
    Whether your business is large or small, commercial or not for profit, selling goods or services, cash is the lifeblood that needs to flow through it. This requires focus – since Cash is King, you need to be the King of Cash. “Making more money will not solve your problems if cash flow management is […]
  • QLD Portable LSL for Community Services starts 1 Jan 2021
    We’ve previously written here about the QLD Portable LSL for Community Services that will cover approximately 45,000 workers in the Community Services industry – the commencement date has now been announced as 1 January 2021. Here we’ll explain what employers need to do to prepare for the scheme. Find out if you need to register […]
  • “Netflix for Training” & Other QLD Government Covid Support
    Initiatives subsidised by the Queensland Government to support Queenslanders through Training and Employment during the Covid pandemic.