Who we are.

David Harreveld

I completed an accounting degree with honours in Australia and graduated as a CPA in Europe, and later postgraduate psychology study. Between Australia and Europe I have been a teacher, accountant, controller, manager, and CFO.

I’ve developed my skills with numbers and people over more than 20 years, and I’m trusted by business owners, CEO’s and management teams to advise, strategise, and operationalise.

I’ve worked on multi-million euro/dollar tenders and managed finance for inventory and sales worth hundreds of millions. I’ve led corporate teams of up to 50 people and advised businesses from startup to 200m turnover.

Weng Seng Wong (Louis), Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

I graduated from Queensland University of Technology. QUT shares and allows me to possess practical practice, knowledge, and wisdom from the real world. Getting a degree is just a beginning, there are still unknowns awaiting me to set sail.

I am currently pursuing a professional accounting certification while working in Ascern. There are a lot of things still to learn as a fresh accountant.

As an accountant, we don’t just sum up and record numbers, but also tell who, what, when, why, and where they are.

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