External CFO Advice

Gives you Financial Confidence

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External CFO Advice helps business owners and managers determine the business strategy and the structure and systems that will support them.

Ascern Advisers provides External CFO / Outsourced CFO services to businesses from startup through to established businesses. Depending on business needs this is on a regular basis (Part-time CFO) or project basis (Interim CFO). We also support businesses across Australia (Virtual CFO).

We have the expertise you need

You get better outcomes if your External CFO has experience matching your needs. We’ve worked for over 20 years across Australia and Europe, advising businesses from $2m to $150m.

These are the Services you’re looking for


Decision making can be difficult, sometimes you need an independent adviser to help you make the right ones.


Your team needs a direction – we work with you to develop your long-term goals and flesh them out to annual plans and KPI’s.


Whether your business rhythm is monthly or quarterly, we analyse your numbers with you to make sure the business is on track to reach its annual and long-term targets.


We’ll also help your team through process analysis and improvement, staff training, coaching/mentoring as needed.

Success Stories

External CFO success stories

If you’ve never worked with an External CFO before and want to understand how we can help – check out some case studies here. We think they’re useful to help you understand some of the business problems we help solve.

CFO’s are people too, and you need to be sure that we will work well with you and your business (we need to do the same!). The best way to do that is for us to listen – get in touch to arrange a time to tell us about you and your business.

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